Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oh, Hi! How've You Been?

I apologize to both of my readers; I have been long absent from the blogosphere. This is due to the Election. Rather than bombard you both with my far left liberal babble, I just didn't blog. And that's all I'd have been able to write, so embroiled I was in the talking points and insanity. So really, I've spared you! Rejoice!

I am elated at the election's outcome, that Obama will be our new Prez. I am delighted that the US has elected a black man as their next president. But that's really just an added bonus, the blackness, you know? We really chose a well educated, thoughtful, calm, and calculating man. We chose to stop being afraid, to not go with the "safe" bet and we put all our money on the smart guy. Not only is he intelligent, but he's been through much of what many of us have been through - raised by white people, a child of divorce, with a single mom. He's also been through some stuff I can only imagine - having to figure out his place in the world as a black man in a very white world, living abroad as a child, moving through a world his caretakers were not equipped to help him navigate.

I do not think he will be able to accomplish all that he campaigned on. I do think he will be able to keep the far left on a more centered path. I think he has, in many ways, given hope to many, particularly our youth. He had a lot of strikes against him and he still prevailed; if he can, anyone can! How freakin' cool is that???

So, there it is. My blog about the election. I was going to rant about the anti gay marriage stuff too but I think I'll save that for another blog of it's own. Because I have questions. Because I don't get it. I'll get to those questions soon and I'll keep looking for answers that make sense. I hope both of you are glad I'm back because I'm glad to be here!

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Jessica G said...

You were missed - very much at that!

I'm glad the election is over and I'm glad that we can smell the change in the air...wait..that's just the cold winter air!

I have had fun calling my mom randomly and telling her "Tell yo mama! Vote for Obama!" She's frightened that McCain didn't win...I hope she soon realizes that we have nothing to fear but fear its self ;)